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Green building, conventional building, and construction stock images include U.S. Green Building Council LEED certified buildings, residential and commercial construction, building materials, demolition, landscaping, and more. Green Stock Media environmental sustainability photo agency sells stock photography for editorial, commercial, advertising, and fine art print uses.


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Building Stock Photos

commercial building, construction, construction workers, conventional building, demolition, green building, real estate, residential building, municipal building


Building Materials Stock Photos

brick, concrete, cotton insulation, drywall, fiberglass insulation, recycled building materials, roofing, straw bale, lumber, metal, steel, wood


Commercial Building Stock Photos

commercial building solar power, commercial construction, commercial demolition, commercial green building


Construction Stock Photos

construction equipment, construction materials, construction workers, construction site, redevelopment, under construction, wood frame construction


Construction Equipment Stock Photos

construction cranes, excavators


Demolition Stock Photos

Bay Meadows demolition, commercial demolition, concrete debris, demolition debris (C&D debris), residential demolition, scrap metals


Green Building Stock Photos

building integrated solar panels, cotton insulation, daylighting, dual paned windows (double pane), energy efficient building, energy efficient lighting, forest certified, geothermal heating (HVAC), green building, green building products, green roofs, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Greensburg, Kansas, IDeAs "Z Squared" Building, LEED certified, passive solar, pedestrian friendly development, rain barrels (rainwater harvesting), San Jose City Hall, San Mateo Public Library, Santa Monica Library, solar panels on building, Solar Decathlon, skylights, straw bale construction, U.S. Green Building Council, West Coast Green, zero energy building


Landscaping Stock Photos

drought tolerant plants, artificial grass, landscaping, landscape irrigation, permeable paving, watering, xeriscaping


Mixed-Use Development Stock Photos


Municipal Building Stock Photos

municipal buildings, San Mateo Public Library (green building)


Residential Building Stock Photos

attached housing, compact residential development, condominiums, Habitat for Humanity, homes, houses, housing density, housing project, large homes (monster homes), residential buildings, residential building solar, residential construction, single-family homes, transit oriented housing


Transit Oriented Development Stock Photos

transit-oriented development (TOD), transit oriented housing




Building & Construction Stock Photo Galleries

Below are specific photo galleries on building topics. Galleries do not contain all images available in the archive.



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Featured Green Building, Building & Construction Stock Photos: A selection of building stock photos, including green building, residential and commercial construction, building materials, landscaping, demolition, and more.

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