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Water Supply, Water Resources & Water Conservation Stock Photos Index


Water, water supply, water resources, and water conservation stock images include water quality, water pollution, water reclamation, water recycling, drinking water, water use, freshwater, water bottles, drought, rivers, water clean-up, waterways, and more. Green Stock Media environmental sustainability photo agency sells stock photography for editorial, commercial, advertising, and fine art print uses.


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Drinking Water Stock Photos

bottled water, freshwater, Hetch Hetchy, potable water, reservoir, water bottle, water rights


Freshwater Stock Photos

drinking water, freshwater, potable water


Rain Stock Photos

drought, flood, raining, fresh water, rain + global warming, rainwater collection


Reservoir Stock Photos

dam, Hoover Dam, lake, reservoir, watershed


Water Conservation Stock Photos

drought tolerant landscaping, grey water, water reclamation, water reuse, wastewater recapture system


Water Pollution Stock Photos

algae pollution, beach clean up, garbage in water, North Pacific gyre, oil spill, point source pollution, river clean up, runoff, toxics in water, trash in water


Water Quality Stock Photos

drinking water, water pollution, toxics in water


Water Reclamation Stock Photos

reclaimed water pipeline, water recycling, water reuse


Water Resources Stock Photos

dam, Hetch Hetchy, Mono Lake, water recreation, watershed, watersports


Water Supply Stock Photos

Hetch Hetchy, Mono Lake, dam, watershed


Water Use Stock Photos

bottled water, city water, commercial water, fire hydrant, firefighting, irrigation, residential water, shower, toilet, wastewater treatment, water meter, water utilities


Watershed Stock Photos

creeks, creek cleanup, rivers, river cleanup, waterway, Lake Tahoe, lakes




Water Stock Photo Galleries

Below are specific photo galleries on water topics. Galleries do not contain all images available in the archive.

Grey Water Recycling, Residential Toilet

Hoover Dam stock photos. Includes Lake Mead & Hoover Dam Bypass/Colorado River Bridge construction.

JUNK Raft Adventure about North Pacific Ocean Gyre Garbage Patch Plastic Soup

Mono Lake stock photos

Reclaimed Water Pipeline Project, Palo Alto / Mountain View, CA

Residential Water Meter, Water Utilities

Water Pollution - Toxics, Algae, Runoff, Trash

Water Resources - Reservoirs, Aqueducts, Dams, Lakes, Rainwater

Waste Water Treatment stock photos

Wastewater Recapture System, Residential Shower

World Water Day stock photos. 2009 March for Water, Los Angeles CA



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Featured Water Supply, Water Resources & Water Conservation Stock Photos: A selection of water stock photos, including water quality, water pollution, water use, water reclamation, drinking water, reservoirs, and more.

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